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Christmas rings bells in one’s heart and signifies the biggest joy of the world. Collection of cute Christmas Wishes and Merry Christmas Greetings are posted here to offer you the best and latest lines to wish Happy Christmas to your people. Xmas and New Year are the best times to express your adoration and feelings for those whom you love dearly and cannot resist wishing on such a lovely occasion. Get ready with these loveliest messages of Xmas on your mobiles, laptops, and computers to convey your love, prayers and good wishes to your dear friends and special ones.

Happy New Year Eve 2020 Fireworks
Happy New Year Eve 2020 Fireworks

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas is an age-old tradition and still, the most popular gesture observed on Xmas day! Though the mediums are changed, the spirit is the same and hence we help you to express your good wishes for Xmas day to all your nearest and dearest friends. You can also check some of the best new year messages and new year greetings besides Christmas images 2015.

Cute Christmas Wishes And Messages For Greeting Cards

Christmas is the biggest festival for all Christians across the world. The day commemorates the birthday of Lord Jesus on the 25th of December every year. It is also the last week of the year and the most festive week too.

Happy New Year 2020 PNG

  • Christmas is always knocking our doors. Let us stop opening the doors only once in a year! Wishing you a lovely Xmas Holiday!
  • Xmas brings a time when you miss your childhood the most. The cute gifts, mysterious Santa Claus, chocolates and cookies, cakes and candles and everything you loved! Wishing you Xmas and New Year!
  • Christmas is a beautiful way of life and it also means a life for us. Happy Christmas and Prosperous New Year!
  • When heaven and earth unite to sing glorious songs of joy, its the Christmas time. Sending my warm wishes for Xmas!

Merry Christmas

  • Xmas Wishes are best when they are wished by the best friend of life! Thanking you for all goodness on this good day of Xmas!
  • Lets us celebrate the arrival and staying of Lord Jesus, the King of Kings and the Saviour of the World in our hearts, minds, and spirits! Wishing everyone Merry Christmas Greetings!
  • May your Christmas days be filled with peace, joy and lovely gifts! Happy Christmas Wishes!
  • Christmas is a miracle happened to all of us thousands of year back and a way of life that happens every day! Let us live to bring Christmas in other’s lives. Merry Christmas Wishes 2015!
  • Enjoy the Christmas Holidays with all fun, laughter and best moments with your pals and loved ones! Wishing you a great Xmas and New Year!
  • May your dreams, desires and good intentions find their way through this Christmas! Wishing a loving
  • Christmas and successful New Year!

Happy New Year 2020

  • Christmas comes gently, riding on a sled, through snow-spread whites, through the ringing of bells and Wishes of Dear Friends! Happy Christmas 2015 and Prosperous New Year!
  • Christmas is a message of peace, love, joy, and humanity. Let us preserve it in our life and heart forever!
  • Sending this cute little Santa to your house to fill it with gifts! Open the doors and Welcome Christmas in your hearts! Merry Christmas Wishes!
  • To be children is the best thing when its Christmas times! Wishing you joy, peace and innocent divinity of Christmas!


  • Xmas is a sublime joy of dedicating ourselves for the sake of others. Let us revise the spirit of Christmas in ourselves! Have a Charming Christmas and Fabulous New Year!
  • Christmas is the most beautiful and divine day. It is made gorgeous by the good wishes and blessings of our people! Happy Christmas Greetings!
  • High are the spirits when Christmas is near. Great are the dreams when Xmas is here! Merry Christmas
  • Greetings and Wishes for Christmas 2020!
    Let your people know your emotions for them on this lovely day. Express your gratitude, your appreciation, admiration, love, and joy for others. When it comes to expressing,

Christmas is the best season to woe someone with lovely gifts, to win back the hearts of your loved ones, to rekindle the flame of love and friendship. Do not miss this chance to make your life rich with bonds of friendships, love, and relations. Send lovely and cute Christmas Wishes and messages. Our site carries huge assemblage of New Year Wishes, Merry Christmas Wishes And New Year SMS to send to your friends, relatives and special person in your life. Before the Christmas season arrives, start picking up the best Christmas messages and Merry Christmas images you liked for free.


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